Multi-unit sub-metering

Property owners can substantially reduce one of their greatest expenses, electricity consumption, with sub-metering solutions installed by RICO Lighting & Electrical Services. Sub-metering equipment collects and collates data to produce accurate, concise billing for tenants, who become responsible for the energy they consume.

Smart building solutions

Through its relationships with industry leaders, RICO Lighting & Electrical Services can deliver green solutions to make buildings more energy-efficient. RICO installs intelligent management systems that permit building owners to monitor and control energy use, optimize their power consumption, and receive alarms and event notifications electronically.

Demand response systems

RICO Lighting & Electrical Services can help your business reap the rewards associated with utility demand-response programs. During peak periods of electricity use, these systems can curtail your facility’s demand or allow you to switch to on-site generation. This permits your company to take advantage of lower electricity costs in off-peak periods.