Want to decrease your energy cost?

Want to convert your Neon or Fluorescent sign to LED?

elect12Did you know that an LED conversion from Neon can reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%! Rico Electric can retrofit your existing neon or fluorescent sign to LED. LED signs and lighting use very minimal power, about 6 -10 times less than comparable neon signs. This low-power usage makes LED signs safe and cool to the touch. LED signs have virtually no maintenance, as there are no gases, glass tubes, or mercury problems and LED lights do not run out.

Advantages of converting :

  • Consumes 80% less energy than Glass Neon
  • Do not contain Lead, Harmful Gas or Mercury
  • No shock or fire hazard.
  • They create very little heat
  • Thrive in the Cold, unlike Neon Signs
  • Last 50,000+ hours unlike Neon that last from 6,000 – 13,000 hours depending on the environment